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3rd International Seminar on Water Resources Management – 27/01/2017


Dear colleague,

I am glad to announce the 3rd International Seminar on Water Resources Management which will be held in Pisa (University of Pisa, Italy) on 27th January 2017.
The Seminar’s topic will be “Governance and Performance of water utilities: tools and best practices”. The Seminar will host the presentation of the main results of the activities of a research project financed by the University of Pisa (PRA 2016) and coordinated by Giulia Romano. The research project addressed some relevant and current issues about the management of water utilities and the sustainable water use. Cutting edge tools have been used to investigate these issues in order to cover the existing gaps in the literature.
Excellent European scholars will discuss the PRA 2016 research findings, present international experiences and propose best practices and research agenda.

3rd International Seminar on Water Resources Management

Seminar Program

Governance and Performance of water utilities: tools and best practices

9:00-10:00 Registration and opening session

Chair: Giulia Romano – Presentation of the PRA 2016 Research Project and Introduction (download here)


10:00-11:00 1st Session:

Governance and Performance of Italian Water Utilities: the main results of the PRA project

 Guerrini A., Romano G., Mancuso F., Carosi L., Identifying the performance drivers of wastewater treatment plants through conditional order-m efficiency analysis (download here)

 Carosi L., D’Inverno G., Guerrini A., Romano G., Water pollution in wastewater treatment plants: an efficiency analysis with undesirable output (download here)

 Masserini L., Romano G., Corsini L. Investigating the attitudes toward water conservation, additional water price and willingness to pay among Italian university students (download here)


11:00-11:30 Coffee break


11:30- 13:00 2nd Session:

The Pivotal Role of Governance and Performance in Water Utility Management: International Experiences, Best Practices and Research Agenda


Emanuele Lobina (University of Greenwich, UK) A research agenda for comparative institutional analysis in the global water Sector (download here)

Konstantinos Tsagarakis (Democritus University of Thrace) Operating Cost Coverage for Water Utilities (download here)

 Rodrigo Rondon (University of Lisbon) Institutional analysis and the development of rules for private participation in Brazilian water utilities: governing next generation PPPs in Brazil (download here)

Francesco Fatone (Polytechnic University of Marche) Innovation and circular economy in municipal wastewater treatment: the European experience of SMART-Plant (download here)


13:00-15:00 Lunch (please confirm your participation)


15:00- 16:30

3rd Session:

Brain storming and Discussion on the Research proposals of the International Network on European Water Utility
The outcomes of the seminar will be:

  • The discussion of the research findings of the Pisa research group and outline of an international research agenda on water resources management
  • The building of a platform for on-going discussion and collaboration
  • Agenda of joint international publications
Organizing Committee
Giulia Romano, Laura Carosi (University of Pisa), Andrea Guerrini (University of Verona)
Scientific Committee
Bettina Campedelli (University of Verona), Rui Cunha Marques (University of Lisbon), María A. García-Valiñas (University of Oviedo), Andrea Guerrini (University of Verona), Chiara Leardini (University of Verona), Emanuele Lobina (PSIRU, University of Greenwich London), Giulia Romano (University of Pisa), Marta Suárez-Varela (University of Valencia), Konstantinos P. Tsagarakis (Democritus University of Thrace)
To participate and for further information about the seminar, please send an e-mail to: giulia.romano@unipi.it.
We are looking forward to meeting you in Pisa,
The Organizing Committee

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